Monday, 30 January 2012

Ordinary Testosterone appendage

Suffering from lack of testosterone you? Typical symptoms are depression, fatigue, decreased libido, irritability, loss of facial hair / body, thinning and wrinkling of the skin, weigh gain, includes a weakening of both bone and muscle tissue and. Eventually, low testosterone levels, such blood, your body's metabolism of sugar that can lead to obesity and diabetes, can lead to the development of more severe disease, such as disturbing.


It is possible to replace lost testosterone hormone replacement therapy and HRT. This is usually testosterone is achieved by the use of testosterone injections testosterone cream or patch. HRT, while reducing fat, increase sex drive and muscle, has been used successfully for many men, and improve energy levels.
However, long-term use of HRT is to increase the risk of hair loss, you may destroy brain cells. In addition, high doses of testosterone have been shown to increase the likelihood that sleep disorders increase the risk of heart disease.

Testosterone supplements OTC

In normal health food store - if you run the risk associated with HRT, but rather your natural testosterone supplements there are many stores available. Testator supplements are a popular herbal testosterone supplements can help to increase testosterone levels. It is to improve the performance of such physical; β can help to increase testosterone levels and Toribyubyu and-ecdysterone, and other natural ingredients used.

Another commercially available ZMA supplement, natural testosterone enhancing supplements containing zinc with acid, magnesium aspartame, methionine and aspartic acid, mono-vitamin B6. This is not testosterone itself, a combination of vitamins and minerals to increase the amount of hormones produced naturally in the body is not.


Perhaps the most popular herbal supplements to increase testosterone levels are Toribyubyu. It is also known as puncture vine herb. Toriburasubyu China, India, has a long history of traditional medicinal use in Greece. Clinical studies in Bulgaria, in fact, including the reproductive function of male testosterone levels and sperm production of this supplement is increased, showed that improvement.

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